New Construction

If you are building a home, you probably want to plan it for home electronics now, and in the future. We work with your contractor to insure an complete and accurate job is done.


The possibilities

Most people know a bit about what is possible in a home today, but let us discuss what we can do for you that might open you to new possibilities. 

  • Control music throughout the house with different music in each room.
  • Answer the phone from your smart-phone.
  • One set of controls, that is really cool stuff.
  • Amazing Video and better sound
  • Share the home theater with the res of the house.

Some things to consider for your new home

  • Will you want music throughout the house?
  • Will you have TV via cable, satellite, antennae or all of these?
  • Where do the TV connections need to be throught the home?
  • Will you want Smart Home functionality?
  • How many WiFi acces points will be needed to serve the home?
  • Do you want hard-wired network connections, and where?
  • Do you want to protect your home with a burglar and fire alarm?

Pre Wiring Your New House

Wiring for a smart home is simple and straightforward. Commonly available wiring is used. Eastern Shore Security's commitment to open design gives you many choices for equipment connection. All wires should be home run to a central location (such as a utility closet, entertainment center or similar location). Generally, telephone and TV wiring can be separated from the audio wiring but many homes choose one central location. Here are some simple suggestions:

  • Run CAT 5 or better wire for telephones and data lines. This will
    provide for four lines to each location.

  • Run RG-6 coax to all TV and touch panel locations. Dual runs of these wires make future expansion a possibility.

  • When running audio wires run four conductor (16/4 or better) through all keypad, volume control and touch-panel locations. This provides the best flexibility in the future. Then run 16/2 to each speaker location.

  • Run CAT 5 for control wires to each keypad, volume control and touch panel location. This will allow IR and network control of these devices.

  • Incoming service lead wires will need to be run for telephone, cable, satellite, door speakers and any cameras.

  • If a computer network such as a LAN is planned, run separate CAT 5 wire for this purpose.

  • If lighting control is a desired upgrade, most manufacturers have control wires that need to go to the control lo-cations of your choice.

  • Control wiring for security and HVAC systems, you should consider interface wiring for house wide control systems

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